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Protecting the things that we love – this applies especially when it comes to the element of fire and the heretorelated fire protection.  Protection and prevention even goes hand in hand in this case, and this is our responsibility: protection also means that in case of any emergency the entire infrastructure can be preserved – for the benefit of the ones we love, for the owners and last, but not least for the means of damage control.


We are passionate about what we do
Fire protection is not simply a job to us, it is rather a passion.  Keeping our products at the highest and latest technology level is therefore self-evident and needs no further discussion.
We primarily focus on the areas of fire protection with regard to civil protection and disaster control. Though, our solutions are also appropriate regarding industrial applications

Protecting personal property and the environment
Climate change causes increased incidents of forest and wild fires.  As fires usually occur in low water level regions, FIRE IGLOO has developed a special concept in order to protect property and various other goods against large-scale fires in such areas.    Fire Fighters unfortunately are also at times not immediately present at the spot, respectively understaffed.  In these scenarios, our patented fire protection mats may be used in a preventive manner.  We are well aware that surroundings greatly vary, this being the reason why we offer individual solutions only – all necessities are being considered in detail, which ensures the effectivity of our products in terms of protection property and infrastructure.  At the same time, our products ensure a very high level of environmental protection.  Are you interested in how to protect yourself in an optimal manner?  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have when it comes to prevention and fire protection. We will gladly be at your service.

Meet Innovation

our fire protection mat

In a first step, a guiding rope is being mounted from the front side of the house towards the rear side (Image 1).  This guiding rope will constitute the use of a climbing assistance regarding the entire building.  The climbing assistance itself consists of an aluminium assembly rope ladder.  In a next step, further climbing assistance devices are being attached around the building and fixed to the solid ground.  These devices also serve for the conveniant appliance of the fire protection mats.  Once the entire building is covered with assistance devices (Image 2), the second step constitutes of the simple assembly of the mats onto the assistance framework (Image 3 and 4).


Our innovations are not soley for private use, but also applicable for a systematic fire protection within the industrial area.  The consequences of a fire might lead to long lasting losses of production resp. damages in the supply chain.  Individual dimensions will be considered, upon the individual needs.

Mobile door closure indoors

Besides heat, fume production is crucial when it comes to evacuating human-beings. Our mobile door closure devices were developed for this very purpose: to protect fire fighters in this very case.  The specific door latch will regulate the oxygen supply and prevent the development of flue and exhaust gases.

Mobile door closure outdoors

When it comes to outdoor appliances, FIRE IGLOO has also developed a specific mobile door closure that protects fire fighters in case of an emergency.  Even with heavy weather conditions, this device will regulate the oxygen supply towards the inside of a building.  The assembly is executed from the outside and is very handy and conveniant.  Individual solutions will be considered in detail for this device according to your needs.

Fire protection

Fire protection is a key factor in our society, the protection of life, goods and the environment is our overall mission.  Our fire protection mat will protect independently from the availability of water and hence has proven itself especially in cases of large-scale fires, such as in Spain.  We customdesign our mats according to the individual needs of our customers.  Our mats are able to offer protection against fire sparks, immediate firing and against spontaneous self-ignition.  Our products are especially suitable for the protection of homes and other buildings, which are located on areas with high risk of forest fires.  Individual appliances, such as cars, trucks etc. are available upon request.

Industrial applications are our core business, but we also offer our solutions for private applications, such as fire protection devices for oldtimers or the charging box for your e-bike: individual solutions conduct another key to us. Fire protection implies to protect yourself against fires and particularly the economical consequences related thereto, such as material damage or production losses.

Please find below a small selection of our portfolio:

  • Protection Box for e-bike charging stations
  • Fire protection mats for leisure time activities
  • Welding protection mat
  • Truck chassis suspension

Research & Development

Protect the things you love.  We are all about your individual needs and are able to meet any specific request with the optimal solution. Please find below a selectio for the industrial area.  Prototypes will be developed upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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We are constantly looking for sales partners and licensees (national and international). If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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